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Meeting & Conference room

Step into the future of business meetings at FMCIII, where our state-of-the-art facilities redefine collaboration. Our meeting rooms are equipped with a 55-inch TV, ensuring crystal-clear presentations and immersive discussions. Experience the next level of connectivity and engagement.

For larger gatherings, our conference room goes beyond expectations. Featuring a webcam for seamless virtual meetings and a stunning 65-inch LED TV, this space is designed to enhance communication and decision-making. Elevate your presentations and discussions in a setting that blends technology, comfort, and sophistication. At FMCIII, we make every meeting an opportunity for success.


Experience brilliant visuals and seamless presentations with the 65-inch LED TV at FMCIII. Elevate your meetings and captivate your audience in a space where innovation meets sophistication. Welcome to impactful communication redefined.

Web Camera

Elevate your virtual meetings with FMCIII's high-quality webcam. Ensure sharp, professional, and engaging online collaborations, redefining your video conferencing experience. Connect with clarity and confidence in every interaction.
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FMCIII stands out as the premier choice for startups, SMEs, and technology entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in Pune's vibrant business ecosystem. Here's why FMCIII is the ultimate destination for those seeking to innovate, collaborate, and thrive:
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